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West Seattle.... our first home "out west"

So to start things off, I thought I'd take some time to talk to you about our new "hood". We will be moving to West Seattle, a hip neighborhood a little southwest of the downtown city center. (See image of the Seattle skyline from West Seattle). Technically part of the city, West Seattleites like to do their own thing. We were looking for a chill area of town, and I think we have found it ::fingers crossed::. According to, West Seattle "has much more of a small-town feel than what you’d expect for such a large neighborhood, but the business district is one of the coolest around. The most popular area is called the Junction, with the action extending for blocks and blocks in all directions from there. Then, of course, there’s Alki, the sandy beach strip on the tip of the peninsula. Other major neighborhoods in West Seattle include Admiral,Fauntleroy and Delridge. All in all, it’s a caring community with lots of activity." I am super excited about being a ferry, bus, Uber, or 15min drive from downtown. Just close enough, and just far enough away to not be caught up in all the traffic. (Seattle is behind Portland in public transportation availability & use... still lots-o-cars). Oh- and did I mention the extraordinary views of Mt. Rainer?

We will begin our 5 day cross country trek next week. I'll keep ya'll posted along the way with road stories and photos of our country's interior. And keep an eye out for our Grand Tetons National Park visit.... Wish us luck!

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