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The Great American Road Trip

Day 1: Setting Forth

So on the afternoon of Thursday, April 14th we set out on the beginning of our cross country move to Seattle, WA. The first goal was to make it to St. Louis for the night.Going in to the trip, I had of course meticulously planned out each days goal destination and had reserved hotels all along the way. What I would soon come to find out was that sometimes, you gotta just take things as they come. After getting a late start, sitting through unbearable traffic in Atlanta, we made it up to Tennessee. We stopped at the exit in Murfreesboro where used to live and ate at the Chickfila down the street from our first apartment together years ago. From there, we drove on, through the rain and through downtown Nashville. It was gorgeous to see the city again all lit up. We pushed on and arrived at our hotel at about 1am local time. Exhausted from the long 9.5 hr drive, we hit the hay in the hopes of an early start the next day. ...

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