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The Great American Road Trip

Day 6: Columbia River Gorge and Home Sweet Home

Tuesday (April 19th), we woke up to gorgeous weather in Spokane. Excited to make it to Seattle ASAP, we hit the road early. We made a stop along the Columbia River Gorge and drove through the amazingly gorgeous Snoqualmie Mountain Pass before coming in to the city, making it to West Seattle mid afternoon. It was a sunny, hot, 80+ degree day when we arrived, unusual weather for Seattle. Grateful to have made it in one piece, we unloaded the mattress, the suitcases, and the dog and set out to explore our neighborhood. I am so glad to be here. We love our neighborhood and love being able to walk to anything we might need. There is a wonderful view of Mt. Rainer from our porch and everyone we have met has been so friendly. Here's to many more adventures to come....

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