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The Great American Road Trip

Day 4: Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse

Sunday morning, we woke up in Rapid City to find snow falling ever so lightly. We called up to Mt. Rushmore and they said roads were good and visibility clear on the mountain so we made our way out of town and up in to the Black Hills. I had never really had much interest in Mt. Rushmore before this trip, but seeing it in person completely changed my mind. It not only was an amazing feat to have created this artwork, but its enormous scale blew me away. I also really connected with the meaning behind the sculpture, to create a lasting impression on generations of people about the history of our democracy. From there, we continued on through the Black Hills ( which were white and covered with snow) on to Crazy Horse, a giant mountain sized memorial that has been in construction for decades and they estimate will take hundreds of years to complete. Again, an important symbol to the generations to come about the history and legacy of the Native American people. After our little detour, we continued back up to Hwy 90, through the corner of Wyoming and on to Billings, MT for the night.

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